HVAC & Refrigeration Services

HVAC Installation and Replacement

The efficiency of your HVAC unit decrease dramatically when it gets older, will need repairs more often and most of the time it becomes noisy. If you are already...

Air conditioning and Heating repair

Has your HVAC system stopped heating or cooling? Air conditioners run constantly during the most harmful weather conditions, that's why some components are subject...

Emergency AC and Heating Repair

Our company provides emergency repair services for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration units. Breakdowns of HVAC equipment can occur at any time. Both at...

Optimization and Tune up

The optimization and/or tuning up of an air conditioning, heating or cooling equipment is fundamental. In addition to multiplying its performance, it also extends...


What is a thermostat? Basically it is the component of a simple control system that opens or closes an electric circuit as a function of temperature. In the case...

HVAC Preventive maintenance

Our company strongly recommends a complete annual maintenance for your air conditioning units or HVAC in general. This maintenance will keep your air conditioner...

HVAC articles from our Blog

The best Pioneer ductless mini splits

Pioneer ductless mini splits are perfect for homes where duct construction would be problematic and expensive. The mini splits are the quietest air conditioning equipment because the evaporator and condenser are different parts, which allows the installation of the condenser outside the air conditioning zone. Pioneer mini splits are more energy efficient than other air conditioning systems.

Tips to save with your HVAC unit

To alleviate inclement weather, whether cold or hot, we have an HVAC unit as a means to keep our home or business as comfortable as possible. Thanks to technologies such as Inverter and HVAC equipment with high energy efficiency, we have gradually reduced consumption.

Get your HVAC System ready for the season

People use to schedule a maintenance on their HVAC system to prepare for the hottest seasons. However, even if in your location you don't suffer of extreme winters, HVAC systems still have to work hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home when the weather is cold.

Maintenance and replacement of HVAC filters

As the mechanical filters are filled with particles over time, the collection efficiency decreases while a pressure drop occurs. This pressure drop significantly inhibits the flow of air and therefore the filters must be replaced.

DM HVAC & Refrigeration LLC

Our company team will work with you to design efficient and sustainable Refrigeration & HVAC systems by using state of the art technologies.

HVAC stands for:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning

Three functions often combined into one system in today's modern homes and buildings.

DM HVAC & Refrigeration LLC

Why should we breath dirty air if we don't drink dirty water? Air duct cleaning, A/C Tune-Up, HVAC maintenance? Call the experts !

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