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Our HVAC services

General Services

  • Air conditioned / Heating services in Commercial and Residential areas
  • Refrigeration services in Commercial and Residential areas

Services description:

  • Minor repair: Cleaning or replacement of one or more electrical components
  • Medium repair: Repair of leaks and some electrical component and recovery of refrigerant
  • Complex repair: Repair or replacement of one or more system components, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, motor compressor, condensing unit or evaporative unit, lines and insulation


Service standards followed by technicians:

  • Arrive at agreed time
  • Detect deficiencies
  • Communicate to the client the deficiencies found and the cost of the repair to be made
  • With the knowledge of the client, make the repair that is convenient.
HVAC Replacement
HVAC Replacement

You may feel uncomfortable in your own home if you have an inefficient air conditioning and heating system and it can also leave you with expensive utility bills. Give us a call to schedule your installation or upgrade...

Repair Services
Repair Services

Has your HVAC system stopped heating or cooling? Air conditioners run constantly during the most harmful weather conditions, that’s why some components are subject sometimes to overheating, which raises the chance of a breakdown.

Emergency Repair
Emergency Repair

Emergency repair services for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration units. Breakdowns of HVAC equipment can occur at any time.

Optimization & Tune up
Optimization & Tune up

The optimization and/or tuning up of an air conditioning, heating or cooling equipment is fundamental. In addition to multiplying its performance, it also extends its durability, saves your monthly energy bill and takes care of the environment.


The thermostat can turn on the air conditioner when the ambient temperature rises is in a certain range that is considered hot. but like any mechanical or electronic equipment, thermostats also need to be maintained in good condition, this is guaranteed by regular maintenance and/or revision.

Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance of air conditioners and HVAC equipment in general seeks to keep the equipment lubricated and clean in all its parts. We will verify that all the adjustments are correct, basic changes are made in screws, electrical terminals and we will read the consumption of electricity, the condensing and evaporation temperatures of the refrigerant.

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